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Green Military Macaw from Jalisco (Santuario de la Guacamaya)


$80 USD per person

  • minimum 2 people
  • maximum 6 people

Rare opportunity to see these beautiful birds in their native habitat shown by a professional guide.

There are two subspecies of this macaw: the Mexican military macaw and the Bolivian military macaw. The Mexican military macaw (Ara militaris mexicana) is the largest; it primarily inhabits Mexico. The Bolivian military macaw (Ara militaris boliviana) has a range that extends from Bolivia to northern Argentina.The macaws help as an indicator of habitat health, as they are selective when it comes to their sites for feeding and reproduction, when is a disturbance in their area, they are the first to disappear.
At the south of the Puerto Vallarta city we can find this wonderful species we have two (green and red), the green macaw has an endemic subspecies (Ara militaris Mexicana) a very attractive bird, unfortunately because of its beauty is one of the most affected by the national and international ilegal traffic of the species.

There are different areas of nesting and feeding that are protected by premises committed to the natural wealth of the area. One of these areas is the Sanctuary of the Guacamayas, a site where local efforts allow the design, construction and installation of artificial nests to support the growth of the local population of the green macaw. Likewise, because of the location of the sanctuary, it is an excellent site for sighting other striking birds such as the Colima pigmy owl, the brown-backed solitaire, orange-fronted parakeets, warblers, woodpeckers, among many others.
This bird is a protected species; it is considered vulnerable for extinction. Though the overall population exceeds 10,000, habitat loss and trapping for the pet trade have made some regional populations endangered.

During this amazing trip, you will not only enjoy an unforgettable day full of great memories and great photos, you will be helping to the local efforts to conserve their nesting sites.

This tour includes


This tour is early in the morning since is when the Macaws are very active.

Lunch at The Nogalito restaurant

on our way back to PV we stop at El Nogalito Restaurant for breakfast or early lunch. (not included)

Tour Hours: 07:00 am to 12:00 pm

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