San Sebastian Del Oeste is a beautiful old mining town from the 1700’s, visiting this town take you to the old days as the town conserve is charm with all the houses painting the same colors, as soon as we get to this town we can feel the tranquility of the town, we visit the Coffee plantation, and walk around town visiting all the gift shops and silver shop where the locals sell their jewerly,
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San Francisco, also known as San Pancho, is a Mexican town situated in the State of Nayarit,
on the central Pacific coast of Mexico about 50 km north of Puerto Vallarta on Federal Highway 200.

Before the arrival of the Spanish, and still somewhat today, the coast and nearby mountainous region known as the Sierra Madre Occidental was populated by the indigenous Cora and Huichól.

As the Spanish developed ports at San Blas to the north and Puerto Vallarta to the south, the region began to increase in population but still at a much slower pace and was cut off from urban centers like Guadalajara. Franciscan priests presided along with landowners over huge latifundio estates.

Long after Mexican independence, in 1931, as part of sweeping land reform following the Mexican Revolution, the land that comprises modern-day Sayulita and San Francisco was transferred to communal ejido control.

San Francisco continued to rely on subsistence fishing and some mango and tropical fruit cultivation until the changes made by then-President Luis Echeverria in the 1970s who made it the site of his family vacation retreat. A flow of federal funding to San Francisco followed his dream of making San Francisco a “self-sufficient...Third World village” which included the present hospital and a short-lived Universidad del Tercer Mundo.
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