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Its name comes from the Nahuatl word “Tecuilan” which means “place of tributes”. Tequila jealously guards some of its oldest traditions, such as the typical nine o'clock blessing, when the local priest blesses the inhabitants by ringing the bells three times. The town stops at that moment, the locals stand up and look towards the church.
This magical town offers a wide variety of hotels and old mansions with international certifications, and visitors can enjoy an excellent gastronomic offer and complement their cultural experience by visiting its museums and cultural centers.
Chichimec, Otomí, Toltec and Nahuatlaca origins who, before the conquest, already tasted the juices of the agave, until the Spanish arrived in 1530. The first distillery was established in 1600, but it was not until the end of the 18th century that it emerged as an industry. This land of blue gold rises at the foot of the Tequila volcano and the Rio Grande canyon, among landscapes of agave crops, old haciendas and distilleries that manufacture the delicious distinctive drink of Mexico.
It is located at 1,700 m and has a semi-arid and subtropical climate, where much of the year is dry and temperate, with an average temperature of 23 º C. In addition to agaves, plums, mangoes and bananas are grown.
Birria is typical in local cuisine, which many locals serve with tejuinos and tequilas alone or in a cocktail; For dinner, toast and pozole are typical.

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